Evidence Based Strength Training for Complete Fitness in 20-25 Minutes Per Week

Strength Training in 20-25 Minutes Once A Week


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Innate Strength offers a noncompromised unique strength training experience. Our effective and efficient, science-based workouts are tailored to your exact needs. We are fully committed to providing a five star service experience in the fraction of the time.

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All the Benefits of Exercise

What we have done is identify the key stimulus for producing the desired results of exercise and removed every dangerous aspect of it. We have further condensed it and concentrate it so that you can get the stimulus in an effective and time-efficient manner. All the positive adaptations stripped down to the essentials and condensed in a safe method. And beyond that, to really understand what we are doing, you’ll have to experience it first hand.


-Improve Strength and Lean Tissue Mass

-Improve Bone Density

-Improve Blood Glucose Control

-Build your Stamina and Aerobic capacity

-Activate Health Extending Gene Expressions

-Improve Cognitive Function

-Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

-Improve Mood Control and Energy Levels

-Improve Quality of Sleep and so much more, etc.

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